Reproductive Health Education

While for many of us sex ed was part of the curriculum at school, it is not the case in the areas in which WonderCup and our partners are working. This may be because of religious, cultural, or State mandated reasons.  In each country our partners train local women to be WonderCup trainers. We provide them with the reproductive health knowledge needed to successfully educate women in their community. Trainers asked all types of questions such as if using a WonderCup will “break” their virginity but more often the trainers are informal counselors to whom girls report sexual assault or ask basic questions about what is happening to their body. 

By working with schools and extracurricular activities targeted at pubescent girls we are aiming to empower a new generation with knowledge of their bodies and a preference for a healthy environmentally friendly feminine hygiene product. These early interventions go a long way in removing the shame from their monthly visitor and helping them maintain a healthy reproductive system. 

WonderCup CEO disrupts the typical business model offering 10 donated menstrual cups for every one purchased on Indiegogo. WonderCup is more than a product it's a movement to bring #DiginitytoAllWomen

With young women we seek to increase their limited sexual health education while migrating them to a menstrual cup which will allow them to use their pad money for other items. In this age group we are also identifying and training peer-counselors who as WonderCup ambassadors are armed with answer to questions other young women may have about their menstrual cycle and how to use the WonderCup. 

Both of these groups have been identified by The Cup as an at-risk population. Within this demographic they receive reports of transactional sex to acquire the money they need for pads, cutting out mattress stuffing to absorb the flow and skipping out on school and sports. 

Women over the age of 30 are also a key demographic we would like to reach with the messages:
It’s just a period
It happens every month to almost half the world’s population; and
It’s nothing to hide.
These women are often mothers and we want to be sure they pass on the knowledge of their reproductive system  to their daughters. We also want see them as prime candidates to become WonderCup saleswomen allowing them to earn extra money while also saving the money they would normally spend on other feminine hygiene  products.  In low-income areas we sell WonderCups for as little as $4.00

In each country we conduct intimate information and training sessions in local language. 

Furthermore, in the developed world we would like to start selling both WonderCups and MiracleCups online and in stores at the same price as the world’s leading menstrual cups ($25-40)—except we want to make one change. For each cup purchased through our website or an online store we will donate ten WonderCups to women in developing nations.

While we are only operating in three countries now, we hope to be in Uganda, Brazil, Tanzania, Guatemala, and Angola by the end of 2017. Our Indiegogo campaign is helping to provide us with funds needed to create packaging and produce more cups for sale online. 

It’s a big undertaking but we have a dedicated team and hope you will help spread the word during this holiday season.