Still Not Enough?

During this campaign we are aiming to raise $80,000 and here’s why. Right now we are running pilot programs with our local partners in Medillin, Accra, and Nairobi. What we found out is more women want WonderCups and need the reproductive health training which helps to destigmatize menstruation in areas where it is still considered quite a taboo subject. By raising this money we will be able to scale the programs across each country targeting the areas where an affordable menstrual hygiene solution is most need. We have already produced enough cups but we do not have the means to ship them, package them, and financially support our local partners who are conducting the on the ground training. 

You now know about the social impact, the health, and the environmental benefits of WonderCup but you're not ready to contribute.  Okay how about this, while our goal is to change the lives of girls and women in developing nations we haven’t forgotten about you (or your girlfriend, wife, sister, daughter).   For each one you purchase we donate ten.

WonderCups are made of 100% medical grade silicon and can last for up to ten years. They are available in four sizes the largest of which holds three times as much fluid as a super-max tampon. Depending on your flow, you may only need to change it two times a day. And, because menstrual blood only smells when in comes into contact with air, i.e. the smell associated with pads, you don’t have to worry about any odor since the WonderCup sits inside your body. Also because it collects not absorbs there is no known risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.  The MiracleCup is called so because like the WonderCup it is reusable but it has an extra feature. An innovative valve at the bottom which allows the wearer to keep the MiracleCup in throughout her period. She can drain the build through the valve as often as she likes. Both of our menstrual cups are ideal for physically active women and can be worn while sleeping. If you have heard your friends on social media raving about the menstrual cup revolution well here is your chance to try it out and give back at the same time.