Today marks the World's Menstrual Hygiene Day!

In a global effort to break the taboo and stigma attached to menses the World is celebrating menstruation today! 

Hundreds of million of women and girls are suffering because of Mother Nature's gift to mankind - this has to end and it starts NOW. 




Our volunteers keeping busy! 


Photo shoot.  


Handing out biscuits and soft drinks to all the participants. 


About 300 school children + their parents participated in our MHM Day. It was very encouraging to see so many men as well! 


Our volunteers: Annely from Holland and Julia from Sweden enjoying world class Kenyan hospitality. 


Grace, our social worker and WonderCup Ambassador demonstrates the new WonderSoft cup. 


The WonderCup Team teaching young girls how to use the menstrual cup. 

WonderCup sponsors newly launched Kenyan Women Outreach Project.

This has been a busy week!  

After organizing a cup-awerness event for 40 women-group leaders and their 12-16 year old daughters on Saturday (where we selected 15 Cup Ambassadors and gave out 50 cups) we received our first cup awareness volunteers from Sweden on Monday 20/3. 

Since then we have visited a myriad of secondary schools, girl schools, 2 orphanages and several women groups where we selected several Cup Ambassadors. Cup Ambassadors received a cup each and after 2 month (2 periods) these women will receive traing during our 2 day WonderCup seminar after which each Cup Ambassador will be given a 10-cup starter package, a T-shirt and menstrual cup instruction leaflets. 

So far we have reached thousands of women and young girls and it's just been a week. The welcoming has been tremendously rewarding and the eagerness of the women to try the cup overwhelming! 

More to come.. 

Scandinavian volunteers @ Diani beach to help spread the Kenyan WonderCup Awareness Campaign

Scandinavian volunteers @ Diani beach to help spread the Kenyan WonderCup Awareness Campaign

Diani beach