Have your friends on social media been raving about the menstrual cup revolution? Here is your chance to try it out and give back at the same time.

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What is a Menstrual Cup? 

A menstrual cup a feminine hygiene product.  It is worn inside the vagina during menstruation to catch not absorb menstrual blood, because it collects not absorbs there is no known risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. WonderCups and MiracleCups are made of 100% medical grade silicon and can be used for up-to ten years. Your cup should be sterilized before use by boiling it in water for five minutes.   Our menstrual cups are ideal for physically active women and can be worn while sleeping.

The Wonder Soft Cup, the Wonder Maxima Cup & the Wonder Miracle Cup comes in 2 sizes. Click on image for more information.



The Wonder Maxima Cup is volume-wise the largest menstrual cup on the market. It was designed for women with heavy flow as it can contain 25 % more fluid compared to "standard" cups. Because of the large volume of this cup you may only need to empty it once a day. We created two size pre-birth and postpartum.  

The Wonder Soft Cup is a menstrual cup available in 2 sizes. Due to it's softness and 5 star rating it is our best seller. The largest Wonder Soft Cup holds three times as much fluid as a super-max tampon. Depending on your flow, you may only need to empty it twice a day.