We are a sustainable cause, but need your help to make our pilot programs scalable. You can donate through this site.

The funds raised through Indiegogo and on this site will go towards production of WonderCups, local manufacturing, training of trainers and sales women as well as scaling the pilot program to reach the largest cross section of women and girls in need of this transformational technology. 

REPRODUCTIVE health education

Girls in developing nations face many challenges as they enter into adolescence and womanhood. When they lack the knowledge about how their bodies are changing and what menstrual aids are available to them they miss school or seek unhygienic solutions to tamp the flow. Our past partner organization, TheCup.org found girls who are introduced to the menstrual cup at an early age are more likely to fully participate in their education and extracurricular activities. For this reason WonderCup partners work with public and private educational institutions to educate and provide WonderCups to young women.

An Affordable Solution - A local Salesforce

WonderCup is female empowerment as we create awareness and demand for the WonderCup we will be developing an educated sales force of teenagers and women. The annual cost of sanitary products for a woman with an average flow in a developing country can be as high as US$25. While this may not sound like a lot when put into the perspective of a family of five living on US$1-2 per day it is a huge burden. In these areas, our teams will sell the WonderCups at local fair market rate ~US$4 per cup. With each sale the woman will earn ~US$1 commission.  

Local MANUFACTURING - Female employment 

We believe in supporting local economies. In low income areas of Colombia, Ghana, and Kenya we will package the WonderCup in local made reusable sacks. Inside women will find the WonderCup in a plastic bag and a foldout instruction sheet.