It all started when...

We decided to support an orphanage with 68 children in Kenya. The children were sleeping on the floor because all the mattresses were infested with bedbugs. We decided to burn the mattresses and buy new ones when on of our volunteers pointed out that the mattresses in the girls dormitory where all ripped with chunks of sponge missing. after investigating we found out that the girls were using bedbug infested sponge to stop the flow! After extensive research we came across the menstrual cup but we were discouraged by the price being offered by different cup brands so we visited several silicone holding factories in Taiwan and China, sourcing our cups directly from the manufacturers at a fraction of the price.

We are now able to teach and give menstrual cups to girls in need under 4U$ per girl which is groundbreaking, setting a new standard in developing countries. For the cost of 2 packets of pads  we can give a girl a menstrual cup that will last her for at least a decade!


Is your organzation looking for cups? Please let us know your location. The amount needed and you mission. 

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