Our goal at WonderCup is to educate and provide women, specifically in developing nations who cannot afford tampons and pads, with the affordable and hygienically superior WonderCup. While our focus is on providing WonderCups to those most in need we will be selling them online at a price which will allow us to donate ten cups for every one purchased here or on Amazon.


During the 6-week campaign each organization will execute training through schools and women’s groups in local language. During the pilot phase each organization will distribute 20 WonderCups and identify 5 local WonderCup Ambassadors. After the campaign they will each be provided with 4,000 donated WonderCups as well as WonderCups to be sold by local women. 

We are excited to spread awareness and introduce the WonderCup to women worldwide. The WonderCup offers the perfect solution for women wishing to save money, be healthier, reduce her carbon footprint or be free from the hassles of pads and tampons. We know this product has the potential to change hundreds of millions of women’s lives for the better. The time has come to break the stigma and taboos surrounding menstruation and we are on the frontlines. For every WonderCup or Miracle Cup we sell online we will donate ten to one of our partner organizations in developing nations.
— Volker Bassen, CEO WonderCup